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The Cloud is no more a buzz word as it is transforming and making it easy to budget and also save cost. Whichtech has expertise in both Public and Private Cloud deployments. Both options have the potential to save you cost.

Cloud Assessment 

Our Cloud  assessment involves  our Consultants helping to identify areas in your business where you can either save on Cost by moving to either private or public clouds. These assessments will review applications, security, employees, business processes with the ultimate aim at cost savings. Reach out to our support for a free initial assessment.

Disaster Recovery Assessment 

For many businesses, making backups and having a DR plan is key and there are actions in place to make sure these are actioned. However, in some cases, these plans are never tested and hence will not meet the required RTO or RPO for the organisition. Our assessment involves understanding your current strategy for DR and provide the relevant support to make sure it meets your required RTO/RPO. 

Big Data Analytics 

bigdata analytics

Sed Our Big data analytics service helps you identify new opportunities based on the raw data you may currently have. These data can also help you understand which area of your business to focus on and spend your marketing efforts. Reach out to our support teams to discuss further. 

Cloud Hosting 

Our Cloudhosting is ideal for e-commerce and high demanding website that are critical to businesses and have the ability to scale up during heavy loads and scale down to save on cost. We also provide key security that is able to identify DDoS attacks and restrict login access to the backend. With backups and recovery included in our packages, you are assured that your data is secured and can enjoy a peace of mind. 

Taking advantage of technology to overcome key challenges.

Simple tools and software with big impact on your Business

Traditional IT delivery models can’t match the pace of change in modern enterprises, and that’s why the agile hybrid cloud is a key element in the digital transformation journey. Combining the dynamic public cloud with a modern, on-premises platform eliminates the restrictions of a traditional IT approach, creating a business-relevant infrastructure to meet the demands of executive stakeholders and users alike. Agile hybrid clouds enable organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, execute and protect next- generation applications through a flexible, policy-driven software-defined platform that reinforces the value IT brings to the business.

Mobile Apps are transforming Businesses.

We help our clients convert existing websites to mobile apps or develop apps that could be useful to their clients. Our app development experience covers games, productivity tools, help apps etc.  Contact our development team should you need a specific app developed.

Collaboration Tools and Cloud Apps

Because Cloud Applications are accessible from anywhere you are able to be productive from any device are can easily deploy BYOD. In additions collaboration tools also means your team can work better together and are not restricted by location. Whichtech provide support for setting up and supporting collaboration or productivity applications.

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Technology Evolution

Stay ahead of your competition with technology or be left behind.

Guided by a culture of innovation, strategies with proven best practices, and the latest data-management tools, forward-looking enterprises can turn market upheavals into transformation success.

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Operational Support

Our Operational support include the following:

  • Incident, problem and change management – using ITIL v3 processes
  • Monitoring Service – a full monitoring service with component fault and performance monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance – with capacity planning and routine cost optimisation
  • Patching – for operating system, application security and maintenance patches
  • Elastic demand (Auto-scaling) – designing, provisioning and maintaining infrastructure to take advantage of this AWS platform capability.
  • Security Management – Patching to the latest security updates; vulnerability reviews to highlight threats before they become problem.

Onsite/Remote Technical Support

Backup and Recovery Support

Cloud Support


  • Retail
  • Estate Agents
  • Logistics
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Our solutions for education covers both primary to higher level education .

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Health Care

In health, we support Care homes, Pharmacies, GP’s, Opticians, Dentists etc .

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